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After the final interview: Do’s and DON’Ts

You have just finished the final interview. What now? Here are our tips- directly inspired by real recruitments 😉. 

What you can do and not do:

· You can send a thank-you-Email. The perfect timing seems to be the morning on the day after the interview (yes). 10 minutes after the interview from your car is not a good idea.

· You can make your thank-you-Email quite personal. Do customize it. At this stage, your message is for a person you now know, and who may become your boss. You are not writing to the “apply page” of the website anymore and it is not necessary to mention your “10 years’ experience as finance director in the manufacturing industry under IFRS”. They know 😊. 

· In your Email, do not mention your salary expectations or your expected starting date, or your holidays to Hawaii. Those are topics the employer should address first, and to which you should answer per phone if possible. 

· Make it short.  

· The company is taking references. How about you take references too? Try to gather information on your future manager, on the actual health of the company, on the people in the team, etc. 

· Prepare the next step: the phone will ring soon. If you get an offer, what will be your answer? It cannot be a “yes” or a “no” at the first stage. Prepare your elements so you sound confident and not too overwhelmed when the company calls you. A realistic goal is to save time. Your absence of an answer is actually an excellent start to a negotiation. If you feel like it, you can dare a “how negotiable is the offer?”

· On the opposite, if you do not get an offer, be also prepared to understand why precisely. You want a credible explanation. This is fair to ask.  We have seen so much frustration after unclear feedback. 

· Do not apologize for something you regret saying during the interview.  

· Keep looking for a job, keep your other options open. 

· Do not push. Do not send a second email. Do not call. Do not send an SMS. Nor a WhatsApp or a Signal. Remember, the timeline of the candidate is never the timeline of the company. You are counting the days and maybe the hours. You check your phone every 10 minutes. That is normal. But try to remember how it is on the other side: meeting, meeting, meeting. The unit of time of a company is usually by the week, not by the day, and certainly not by the hour.

Fingers Crossed!